Miranda Now Part of the #EssentiaNation

C3's very own Miranda "Danger" Granger is now part of the #EssentiaNation - overachievers who excel in their professions and passions, and want to be the best version of themselves through better hydration. Here is a great write up they did on her:

"When fighting is in your blood, you start early. For Miranda “Danger” Granger, training began at the age of four, receiving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 12, before switching over to kick-boxing. Granger says that “getting to that point of mental/physical exhaustion almost every day, and having to push through that,” is the beginning, but wanting to “constantly be the best, because there’s always someone there to outbeat you or outdo you,” is what drives the competitive spirit.

Two years ago Granger won her first kickboxing fight by TKO, now competing in both kickboxing and MMA, Granger is the reigning AXFC World Kickboxing title holder. May 2017, she turned pro, but what is Miranda’s ultimate goal in life? Fighting is helping her discover her passion. “I just want to travel. I feel like if I could travel the world doing something I love that’s what a lot of people want in life, and if it involves me getting beat up a little bit and beating other people up a little bit, that’s what’s going to get me there.”

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