Q: "Is Charlie's Combat Club For fighters only?"

A: No. Charlie's Combat Club is a martial arts facility that is open to students aged 7 to 70.  In fact, 90% of our students don't compete at all, they train for fitness, fun and self improvement.

Q: "Do I need to be in good shape in order to train at Charlie's Combat Club?"

A: Not at all. New students start all the time at Charlie's Combat Club at every fitness level. We will help you get to the next level(s).

Q: "How many classes a week am I allowed to train?"

A: Students at Charlie's Combat Club are allowed to train as often as they wish under the class schedule. It's suggested that new students begin at 2-3 times per week to prevent burnout. 

Q: "Is training at Charlie's Combat Club dangerous?"

A: We take every precaution to keep out students safe from injuries. Sparring and grappling are not required activities for our students. If students do decide to participate in live sessions the emphasis is on controlled technical sparring. Full-Contact sparring is only allowed in the "Fighter's Training" classes. 

Q: "Is Charlie's Combat Club family friendly?"

A: Yes. We have kid's classes, women only kick boxing classes, a dress code and a language code. 

Q: "What is the dress code?"

  • Shirts/ Gi tops or rash guards must be worn at all times.

  • Women must wear mid thigh "spandex" or longer or workout shorts/ Gi pants.

  • Men must wear workout shorts. It's advisable to wear "spandex" shorts or spats underneath.

  • No spandex on spandex. Students must wear shorts/Gi with a rash guard or a T-shirt/Gi over spandex.

  • Workout shorts must not have grommets or zippers or any sharp ends.

  • Students may wear fight specific clothing while participating in fighter's training only.

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