Charlie's Combat Club is one of the leading fight gyms in Washington State. Our amateur fight team has won championship belts in every note-worthy promotion in the state, including (partial list):

  • Absolute Chaos
  • Coga
  • AX
  • CageWarsMMA
  • CageQuest
  • Warrior Cup
  • Redemption
  • Wanted Fighting
  • Genisis 

Our professional fight team has fought all over the world in many different organizations including (partial list):

  • WEC (California, USA)
  • CageWarriors (Scotland and Ireland)
  • Shooto(Japan & Hawaii)
  •  Superbrawl (Hawaii,USA)
  •  X-1 (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Abu Dhabi (Brazil)
  • Jewles (Japan)
  • Smack Girl (Japan & Korea)
  • Hook-N-Shoot (Indiana, USA)
  • Fatal Femmes (California, USA)
  • Extreme Challenge (USA)
  • Ring of Combat (Atlantic City, USA) 
  • CageWars (England)
  • Free-Style Fighting (Oklahoma, USA)
  • Real MMA (China)
  • Spirit MC (Korea)

At Charlie's Combat Club we have trained champions at the local amateur level as well as top world ranked top 10 ranked professional fighters.  If your looking to test yourself in the cage, Charlie's Combat Club is the gym for you.