At Charlie's Combat Club we use a base of several different stand-up martial arts in our kickboxing curriculum. Elements of Western Boxing, Korean Taekwondo, Dutch Cross Style and Muay Thai are fused together and taught as a complete system. 

Elements of the Charlie's Combat Club Kickboxing system include:

  • Number System 
  • Thai Pad Striking and Holding
  • Focus Mitt Routines
  • Heavy Bag
  • Strikes and Combinations
  • Blocks and Evasive Counters
  • Sparring Drills
  • Reaction Drills
  • Kickboxing Conditioning

The safety of our students is a priority to us, no actual live sparring is allowed in the kickboxing classes. Students who wish to spar can start with our light-contact, "Recreational Sparring Class" and graduate up to our "Fighter's Training" if they so wish.

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