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Do you want to get in shape? Make friends? Be held accountable? Get food and diet tips? Then Coach Sally’s Boot Camp is for you! Often described as the best workout you'll ever get, Sally's Boot Camp will not only motivate you, but help you get into the best shape of your life. The success of this Boot Camp is due to Coach Sally. Sally Krumdiack is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter who held several championship belts and competed all over the world. Sally will push you to reach your goals and encourage you the whole way there!

Boot Camp is open to all fitness levels and participants of all backgrounds (from the stay-at-home mom to the MMA fighter) have found it extremely beneficial. Get ready for an intense hour of challenging partner drills, cardio drills, strength exercises and more! Every class is different, so your body is constantly changing to accommodate. Check out the official Sally's Boot Camp Facebook page for before and after photos and see what everyone is talking about!

Check out results from past camps and connect to other boot campers on Facebook.

Information for the next Boot Camp session is below. Contact Sally or Charlie's Combat Club to sign up! Call or text (425) 404-0676, or email


Still the best thing I have ever done for myself.
— Jennifer Anderson
I would highly recommend Coach Sally’s Boot camp to all fitness levels. Her level of intensity is unmatched and she is an inspiration to all. Her supportive nature pushes you past your mental limits to achieve fitness success.
— James Heckathorn
I was a heavy 240 lbs. before I started. I had high blood pressure and I was unhappy with my body. In 8 weeks I’ve lost 20 lbs. and lowered by blood pressure by 30 points. Anyone looking to get back in shape and feel healthy should definitely try this class. You will not be disappointed.
— Steven Williams
The changes this class has made in my life are numerous. I’m a stronger woman physically & mentally. This class & coach Sally have showed me that potential is only limited by the blacks that I myself put in place. I can accomplish anything.
— Shannon Connelly
This class is absolutely great. First time participant and in 8 weeks this class will change not only your body but your everyday living. This class will beat any personal training results and it’s at an affordable rate. I wouldn’t recommend anything else.
— Victoria Sanchez
Boot camp has had an amazing effect on me in many ways; physically & mentally. Not only do I look better but I feel better, too. I would highly recommend this class to everybody.
— Amy Pearson
I love boot camp. I cannot picture my life without coming here. It’s a life changer and Sally is amazing. I am so much more confident and happier because of the success I’ve had with boot camp.
— Kim Crannell
Thank you Sally! I love this class. I am stronger and more toned. My endurance is so much better and I can run longer than I have ever been able to before.
— Michelle Vanderway
Beware that you might need to budget for new clothes, but is there a more fun way to spend money than buying a smaller size?
— L.T. Liebetrau
I feel better. I fit in clothes better and I’ve built more confidence. My friends that I haven’t seen since high school said I look healthier now than back in school. I’ve had a higher drive at work and my stamina and productivity have doubled since I began.
— David Ramirez
Sally’s Boot camp is motivational. An hour of pleasant torture where you get the results you work for.
— Brenda Greenmum
I had a definite improvement in appearance and strength even over a 2 month period. Strongly recommend!
— Brad Paulson