Our goal at Charlie's Combat Club is to provide a safe and fun environment for martial arts training. Our clients range anywhere from the recreational student to the professional fighter.

Whether fitness, self defense, competition, or self-confidence is your goal, Charlie's Combat Club is the training center you have been searching for.

Come see why Charlie's Combat Club is one of the longest running MMA gyms in Washington State and see why people have chosen Charlie's Combat Club as their preferred martial arts gym since 1995.

See what our students have to say...

Best MMA Gym ever! Love this place! Coaches are great and knowledgeable! There’s no intimidation or egos. Everyone is friendly and happy to help out if you have questions. Now go sign up and get ready to sweat!
— Kimberly B.
“I have never enjoyed sweating so much, the coaching is world class, the students are welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere is one of ‘let’s get it done...but do it right!’ So as someone who hasn’t worked out effectively in years I appreciate the attention to detail and the encouragement. Thanks C3 I have finally found my gym!”
— Colleen P.
Great gym and most importantly amazing people! You will be challenged and you will build alliances. Your will see results in your techniques, physical health, and have a stronger mind!
— Ben M.
After dealing with 13 years of abuse which left me shy and with an extreme low self esteem and self worth I found C3. I started in the Taekwondo program way back in the day. I had a pretty busy schedule at home so after school sports did not fit into my schedule. My brother was part of C3 (back then PBBA!) and he went in the evening so I got to go along with him. I made his lunches for work and he paid my way so I could go. I am pretty sure those were the crappiest lunches ever, but he did it anyway.

The gym was a place I could go where no one know my story, my secrets and I could be whoever I wanted to be. It was a safe place. One of the things I really enjoyed was when I’d do something correct in class I’d be called on as an example. This made me feel a sense of accomplishment and worth, not something I really ever felt before. That kept me going. Throughout my 15 years there and all the coaches who pushed me hard and believed in me helped me gain the strong confidence I have in myself today.

The gym changed my life. It changed my outlook, it taught me to stand up and become who I wanted to be and that I was strong and could do it. I had friends, people who would notice when I came to class. It was a place I truly wanted to be and wanted to do my best. I went through the Taekwondo program earning my 2nd degree black belt and then on to what I really loved, kickboxing.

To me the gym was a lifesaver, a character builder and a it made me happier and healthier person inside and out. C3 rocks!
— Jessica D.
I joined C3 almost 5 years ago and it has been one of the best life decisions I have ever made. It’s been a great investment in myself because it gives a lot more self confidence!! I believe that MMA is the best choice when it comes to self defense.

The coaches are a blast to hang out with and learn from. No pressure to compete if you don’t want to. I have gained a lot of new friends and they make you feel a part of the family!
— Blake D.
Love the atmosphere here. I have been going for close to a year now and the team here has been awesome. I can’t stress enough that the members, coaches, and everyone in between are some of the greatest people I know. Never a dull moment here!
— Benjamin T.
I’ve been training at C3 for 7 years now. I came into the gym with no martial arts background or wrestled. From day one, everyone from the coaches and students really help each other out. Definitely a great gym and I consider everyone there my brother or sister. This gym gives their students the tools and skills to succeed. This gym has changed my life. It has opened a lot of doors for me. Truly proud and honored to be part of this gym!
— Amos W.