COGA Rumble at the Ridge results

C3 fighters Chris Garcia and Tycen Lynn both competed at the beautiful Snoqualamie casino for Combat Game's Rumble at the Ridge.

Tycen's fight was over in a little less than a minute. Tycen got up from an early takedown and delivered a knee to his opponent's mid section that sent him to the canvas. After a little ground and pound, the referee stopped the fight at 1:13 of round 1.

Although Chris didn't come out victorious in his return to the cage, he was involved in the fight of the night. Chris was stopped in the second round after an all out war with a very game opponent.

Chris was able to win the first round with take downs and ground control but wasn't able to finish his opponent. Chris's opponent came out strong for round 2 and was able to avoid the clinch and takedowns and deliver some strong punches to earn the win.